COVID-19 update

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  • COVID-19 update

    Just Trains Releases wrote:

    24 March 2020

    The whole world is currently gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic and it is a time of grave uncertainty for all of us. Whilst none of us can know how and when this pandemic will end, we can at least ensure that our teams and their families are kept as safe as possible.

    Just Trains is based in the United Kingdom, but we do have partners and customers from all over the world. Our team have all been working from home for several weeks now and intend to keep our train and flight simulation products maintained and available to their communities. It is far from ‘business as usual’, but we do intend to keep working whilst all observing the very strict social distancing and self-isolation protocols so that we can keep ourselves and our fellow citizens safe.

    We would like to thank all of our customers and partners for the support you have all showed us in the past; for that we are truly humbled. 
    Andy Payne
    CEO & Founder of Just Trains

    Andy Payne - Just Flight founder
    Quelle: justtrains.netarticles/covid-1…trains-founder-andy-payne